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Our services are affordable and are tailored according to the type, depth and complexity of the assignment. Send us your terms of reference for the assignment you have; we will respond with a quality yet simple proposal outlining both the depth of understanding and technical approaches we would use to serve you and meet the objectives of your assignment to us.

About Us

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PRECISE is a regional agency based in Nairobi and provides service in Africa for Africa

To promote quality and effective results internally, that lead to providing excellent and innovative technical inputs to address inherent needs among clients

Support effective Growth, Development and Performance with value-based services and products to clients in Africa

Pursuing Quality, Integrity and Effectiveness

  • Committed to consistent quality and effective output
  • Promoting Best Practices
  • Committed to professional integrity and excellence
  • Embracing critical participation and analytical problem solving
  • Open to learning
  • Upholding team spirit and synergy
  • Upholding professional and personal integrity in behavior and conduct
  • Positive representation of what is good and of value
  • Building on strengths and learning from failure and weaknesses
  • Embracing and utilizing new knowledge and insights for creativity and innovation
  • Innovative and catalytic in adding value to research, knowledge, information and learning

» We work in Africa, build our knowledge in Africa and live in Africa.

» We are operational in 17 countries; Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Eritriea, Somaliland, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Gambia and Zambia.

» Work in partnership and collaboration with clients;

» Design need-focused programmes that respond to clients' needs and priorities;

» Develop networks of appropriate resources and qualified professionals;

» Provide affordable, high quality and consistently effective services;

» Cause our presence and services to be well known in each sector;

» Embracing integrity, objectivity and participatory learning;

» Embracing change management as a necessary dynamic;

» Promote the use and sharing of best practices.

  • Design need-focused services that respond to client needs
  • Provide affordable and first class quality services
  • Develop networks of relevant resources and qualified human resource
  • Work in productive partnership and collaboration with like-minded entities at each level
  • Develop capacities to increase the market share and tap on new markets
  • Maintain a strong profile and exemplary presence of PRECISE in its market
  • Work to make PRECISE vanguard and preferred agency in its market
  • Promote affordable services and products that are well known
  • Innovate, create and disseminate knowledge and solutions.
  • Brand, promote and profile Africa Solutions and knowledge strands


Presence in Africa

Presence in Africa