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Our services are affordable and are tailored according to the type, depth and complexity of the assignment. Send us your terms of reference for the assignment you have; we will respond with a quality yet simple proposal outlining both the depth of understanding and technical approaches we would use to serve you and meet the objectives of your assignment to us.


In its work, PRECISE offers services to support and implement baseline assessment and surveys, proposal development, program and project evaluation, mid-term review, research and development. The agency has had a wide experience working within the Civil Society, NGOs, UN supported programs, Church Organizations, government departments, and the corporate sector as well. Its constituency includes working in different countries with different levels of agencies, companies and community groups of all types.

Sectors of Involvement:

Institutional and Organizational strengthening: Undertaken a wide range of strategic planning processes at organizational level. PRECISE has experience and has conducted organizational diagnosis, review and assessment leading to institutional restructuring processes, strategic planning, quality management standards reviews, capacity review, competency review, job reviews, policy and functional review among others. It has also conducted research on principles of effective partnering and partnership, generating a framework for instituting this concept in organisations, appropriately.

Action Research, Evaluation, Baseline Assessment and in-depth Studies: PRECISE launched action-research work focusing themes of Peace Analysis, Restorative Justice, and Political Transformation for Conflict Transformation. In addition, it is continuously engaged in conducting all levels of program and organizational evaluation, baseline studies, in-depth reviews and studies, inception reports as well as pre-implementation mobilization of target beneficiaries, partners, stakeholders and actors in specified programs. This has transcended all sectors primarily in livelihoods, education focusing children, women and youth incomes and employment, gender parity, and vocational learning and training, disaster management as well as in water, health, sanitation, food security etc.

Food Security & Livelihoods – Implements livelihoods assessments and evaluations. PRECISE has worked in Somaliland, South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda. The agency has also dealt with social livelihoods safety nets for the World Bank Programme in Malawi.

Water and WASH Sector – Supporting water service trust fund and water service boards as a support organization to project baseline design and implementation. PRECISE has worked as a contracted Support Organization to plan and implement two community water, hygiene and sanitation programs under Athi Water Services Board and Tanathi Water Services Board. Implemented WASH program review and institutional strengthening, CARITAS SWISS in Somaliland, including evaluating WASH in Kenya and South Sudan.

Natural Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation – Conducts reviews on NRM, Climate Change Adaptation, including awareness raising. Conducted climate change adaptation workshops in Kenya and South Sudan, as well as facilitating regional forums on climate change adaptation in East and Horn of Africa. PRECISE promotes mainstreaming of climate change adaptation among communities and clients programmes.

Vocational Skills Development – Baseline assessment for vocational training and education targeting youth, out of school youth and young adults in the informal sector in Kenya, Somaliland and Southern Sudan focusing Urban youth. Program and project level vocational training and education assessment focusing urban, peri-urban and rural youth.

Governance, Peace Issues, Conflict Transformation, Access to Justice, Restorative Justice, Protection and Civic Education - conducts conflict analysis and training of local peace practitioners, facilitates key peace building and conflict analysis; conflict review conferences. PRECISE envisages carrying out research on impact of high value resources from a community perspective, to inform policy and law reform in this sector.

Urban Planning and Informal Human Settlement: Supported Institutional Capacity Analysis for Digital Mapping and Strategy Development for Garissa Municipality and Hola Town, including socio-economic review of human settlements. Also undertook a participatory study cum assessment and staff training to generate baseline study report and participatory plans for improvement of informal human settlements in Mombasa, Meru and Kisumu.

Specialized Aspects

Some specialized aspects of its work include organizational review, strategic planning and management of change, research, evaluation, designing and developing training curricular and facilitating training delivery, focused civic education, governance and peace building, advocacy and lobbying programs vide diverse channels. It offers specialized services in designing and writing organizational manuals, book research, and communication research, baseline assessment, research and program evaluation, strategic planning, and management review. PRECISE is a promoter of participatory approaches, methodology, techniques in management and social development work, as well as knowledge development and management. PRECISE is also a promoter of effective principles and concepts to promote how to go about in partnering, implementing principled capacity building, improving networking and collaboration among organizations and critical collaboration with government.


Presence in Africa

Presence in Africa