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Our services are affordable and are tailored according to the type, depth and complexity of the assignment. Send us your terms of reference for the assignment you have; we will respond with a quality yet simple proposal outlining both the depth of understanding and technical approaches we would use to serve you and meet the objectives of your assignment to us.

Organizational Development

PRECISE has a formidable experience in organizational development. PRECISE works with all types of organizations to improve performance and quality of results.  The range of services  includes:

i) Institutional Strengthening

  • Organizational review
  • Organizational assessments
  • Policy review and development
  • Strategic and business planning

ii) Workforce Development

  • Human resource training and development
  • Staff satisfaction survey
  • Functional and job reviews
  • Salary surveys and review

iii) Planning and Projects

  • Project design and development
  • Monitoring,Reporting and evaluation
  • Client customer satisfaction survey
  • Market analysis

iv)  Research and Evaluation,

Conduct Issue - based research

  • Research and Evaluation
  • Midterm review of projects and plans
  • Knowledge development for lessons and best practices
  • Performance review for quality management
  • Capacity review for strengthening and development

V)Evaluation of plans,  projects, Strategies e.t .c.

Facilitation and Moderating

  • Facilitation and moderation of forums,
  • Documentation,reporting and dissemination of findings
  • Organizations and coordination of conferences,seminars and symposia

vi) Strengthening Boards of  Directors

  • Board of Director seminars on governance and leadership
  • Leadership development for direction setting

vii)Board Development Seminars

Governance in the Public Sphere

  • Governance and civic learning
  • Peace building and non violence, conflict analysis
  • Conflict transformation



Presence in Africa

Presence in Africa