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Our services are affordable and are tailored according to the type, depth and complexity of the assignment. Send us your terms of reference for the assignment you have; we will respond with a quality yet simple proposal outlining both the depth of understanding and technical approaches we would use to serve you and meet the objectives of your assignment to us.

Communications and Media Relations

PRECISE provides support services in communications and media relations. It seeks to support clients with:

  • Communication research and editorial  services
  • Writing, editing and production of publications and media materials
  • Develop information, education and communication material for the target audience
  • Support for individuals and organisations to write and publish reports, books
  • Coverage of news and documentation of important work  for publication and reporting
  • Monitoring of the media thematically
  • Conduct studies on impact of information, communication and technology
  • Media market review analysis
  • Coordinate an  direct audio, visual production.



Presence in Africa

Presence in Africa