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Our services are affordable and are tailored according to the type, depth and complexity of the assignment. Send us your terms of reference for the assignment you have; we will respond with a quality yet simple proposal outlining both the depth of understanding and technical approaches we would use to serve you and meet the objectives of your assignment to us.

Welcome to PRECISE


PRECISE is an African-based agency which evolved through action research in organizational needs for quality in their internal growth, development and practice since 1995. It is an agency with a registered company and operates dependently. Its offices in Nairobi are a fully fledged secretariat from where all its work is organized and coordinated from. The Board is wholly Kenyan comprising experienced professionals. Its work is to oversee matters of policy and governance only, leaving the secretariat to work with open space to achieve its mandate of knowledge development, organizational and institutional strengthening, action research on themes relevant to need in Africa, the primary constituency. Its secretariat is also managed by well trained and experienced professionals.

PRECISE has successfully undertaken and managed important processes in consultancy services. Many have been for and on behalf of governments, their Ministries and departments, donors, local and International NGOs. Others have been for Civil Society Organisations at the regional, national and local level and this has included faith-based entities (Muslim, Christian and Hindu), and many community-based entities, with their umbrella and federation organs. It has also facilitated the cooperative sector in Kenya, as well as companies in the private sector. The agency has built a network of collaborative arrangements with organizations and institutions that thematically graph its work in Africa and internationally. It has an open platform for engagement from a number of platforms. It collaborates and networks widely with governments, government institutions, institutions of learning and organizations and other like-minded entities that contribute and enrich its work.

The Agency has a commitment for Africa and has an intentional strategy to learn from its work to enrich it with best practices. It seeks out and embraces opportunities to brand Africa-based solutions, knowledge and initiatives. PRECISE is open to work in collaboration with individual practitioners, researchers and innovators through a range of learning avenues within its work. Reaching out and striving to be a vanguard in its field, PRECISE is a learning agency. In its mandate, it has a strong and important focus on communications and media relations. PRECISE is not a funding (donor) agency, nor is it a funded NGO program or project.


PRECISE is driven by the quest for relevance and pursuit for excellence in its work. It seeks to catalyze growth and development of effective Africa-based organizations that are founded on strong ethos and sound principles for knowledge development. PRECISE believes that to generate effective principles for running an organization, founders, CEOs, managers and leaders need concrete basis and skills. They also need to use state-of-the-art concepts, principles and proven procedures that inform how to work effectively, and which are productive within the context organizations and agencies operate in. PRECISE, therefore, seeks to keep at the cutting edge in finding what makes organizations and those who run them tick. By conducting continuing action-research on how this could be achieved, PRECISE uses its findings for every client it works for.

The aspect of knowledge development and management has attained great value in PRECISE since 1995. On the basis of this, PRECISE helps its clients explore and examine their context and lessons drawn therein. Organizations are supported to identify the best concepts, principles and organizational practices that work to generate results. Such results should fit the identity, mandate, vision, mission, core values, goal statements and strategies each organization seeks to articulate. Where there is no identifiable identity, mandate, vision and mission, core values, goal statements and strategies, PRECISE works with the relevant leaders of the organization to devise, clarify and write out these organizational elements. This is worked on over a period of time. On this basis, an organizational strengthening strategy is then initiated. Based on the outputs of these elements, aspects of policies and functions are then addressed.

Organizational Development

PRECISE has formidable experience in organizational development. In this, a range of services are on offer.  This includes organizational review, organizational assessments, policy review and development. Other aspects include, functional analysis, to better understand organizational roles, functions and duties, enhancing internal communication, review of channels, medium and media in use, developing IEC material, competency review, strategic planning and restructuring. This also includes aspects of human resource in job analysis, specification and development of job descriptions. Other services comprise moderation, facilitation and documentation of forums for reporting purposes. Training, needs assessment, syllabus and curriculum design, development, including implementing specialized training. PRECISE only offers need-based training.  At present it does not have open training schemes

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Communications and Media Relations

PRECISE provides support services in communications and media relations. It keeps in touch with the information, communication and technology sectors to keep updated on changes and developments. In its work it seeks to support clients with coordination for monitoring of the media thematically, coverage of news and documentation of important work for publication and reporting. This also includes support to individuals and organizations wishing to write and produce annual reports, books, journals, newsletters, communication research and editorial services. Case studies, stories and other documented matter are gathered and committed to writing either in the media, publications or on virtual publications.  

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Presence in Africa

Presence in Africa